CATIA Crack V5R21 R2019x Full Download

CATIA R2019x Crack with License & Portable Full Download!

CATIA Crack is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) application that the user can use for multiple platforms. The user can also use the application on CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). And also on CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). Furthermore, the word CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application. So, the application names tell that the application is capable to support 3D designs. Furthermore, the application can support various stages of product development. So, the user can use this application for various disciplines. Including shape design, fluid and electronic system design, system engineering. And also for mechanical engineering, surface design.

With CATIA Key the user can create lots of mechanical parts. Such as 2D sketches, molded tooling parts, forged, sheet metal according to the definition of the mechanical assemblies. So, all this make the application the top solution for product experience. Furthermore, the various factory is using the application to create the daily use products the interface of the application is modern but easy to use. So, most of the new users consider the application very easy to use. But when the user explores the application the user will discover the features that are very unique and best in the market.


Therefore, the CATIA License has the features that fulfill the needs of the user of electrical parts, hydropower, and engine parts designers. Thus, professional of aerospace industries and mechanical engineers prefer this application. Moreover, with this application, the user will be capable to create 3D models and also blueprints. Because of this, the application offers various design options and advanced shape model features. So, the user can also add material based texture on the user shapes. Along with the feature to control the lighting of the shapes the user will also have the power to change the opacity of the parts.


The CATIA Portable is perfect to create designs of big thing such as airplane engines. Because the application will make the user be capable to adjust the opacity of parts for easy viewing and editing. Furthermore, the mechanical design feature discovers all the needs. The feature allows the user to design the model of car, truck, bikes buses, seat and many others of this kind. And AutoCAD designers use this application for structures of lands, buildings, mills, houses, swimming pools, flats. And many other things of this kind the user can also manage wiring, 3D routing and others of this kind.


Furthermore, the CATIA License Key makes the user capable to fill colors in drawings. Add custom colors, width, darkness. And other definitions of the colors with this application the user can also design the graphs of machines and gauges. Furthermore, the application is the world second 2D and 3D aided designing application. The user can make the video of the drawing and also take screenshots. And the user can save them in all the formats with the help of this application. The application discovers the user all the needs of features and also a huge collection of the tools.

The CATIA Crack is also able to create blueprints by converting the 3D model into a 2D image. And with the various supports formats including STL, PDF, DWF. Moreover, the user can import and export the models in any of these formats. The user can also print the design into 3D prints the user can easily design heating and piping system with this application. And also the user can create 2D diagrams for making HVAC, hydraulic, systems, thus, the user can easily create 3D sketches including full detail of factory assembled.

And also the user gets the power of tool design for mold and die. The CATIA Crack has a good and powerful user-friendly interface that the user can easily use it. So, this support smooth workflow and the user will not have to dig into the menus to get the features that the user want.

Main Features:

  • One of the best and most robust designing application that supports many formats.
  • The application adds all the tools and features that will help the user in making designs. And make the work very easy.
  • Create easy to read design by using the tools that can divide the charts, text, and image.
  • To give pro look to the user designs add the text in the text box by change the letter size and font.
  • With a robust layer manager, the user can create as many layers as the user like.
  • And also the user can add many shapes with colors on each layer.
  • The user can name each layer and also the user can create or delete layers in any way.
  • If the user can create a floor plan. So, the point maker tool will auto give numbers to the objects including windows and door.
  • The application offers vast files copies including support for DWG, DWF, STEP, PDF, DGN. And also image formats like TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG.
  • There are many 2D draw symbols in this application.
  • In CATIA Crack there is a library image that the user can use as the textures.
  • And also the user these images for the designs to give the user design a more good look.

What’s new in CATIA V5R21 Crack R2019x?

  • Create custom menus and submenus.
  • Better support for drag and drop items.
  • Create macros to auto many tasks.
  • Make custom commands and uses them at it will.


System Requirements:

  • Minimum Windows 7.
  • Intel Dual CPU or i5.
  • 6 GB RAM.
  • 20 GB free disk space.

Installation Procedure:

  • First download CATIA Crack full package fro given the link below.
  • Wait for full download after that turn off the internet.
  • Now extract the files and run the setup to start the installation CATIA Crack.
  • Wait for full install after that close the application for crack. Now CATIA Crack files and paste them into the install folder.
  • In the end, reboot your device and enjoy the application.
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